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Water Heater vacation setting is it safe?

I’ve had a dozen emails today asking about the possible dangers of turning your hot water tank off or switching it to vacation setting (concerns over breeding deadly bacteria). Let me reassure you this is perfectly OK to do provided you give your water heater time to heat back up to full bacteria killing levels […]

Free Air Conditioner Buyers Guide

It’s getting hot again – is your air conditioner keeping you cool? If not it may be time to replace it for a more efficient air conditioner. Be sure to get your Free Air Conditioner Buyers Guide that shows you what to watch for when shopping around, what questions to ask and what is the […]

Water Heater bad info online can kill you

Today I read an article that got me mad (see below) the author was obviously misinformed which puts lives at risk. If you read the article when it comes to tip #5 DO NOT TURN THE TEMPERATURE DOWN ON YOUR WATER HEATER! Warm water makes the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of deadly bacteria […]

Furnace failures & how to fix it

Furnaces are failing on Valentines day of all days – and the reason isn’t because the furnaces are breaking or broken.  Over 90% of the calls we had for furnace failures and no heat emergency calls today have been caused by one thing – ice build up on the venting! If your furnace goes off […]

How to avoid & thaw frozen water lines ( below -20°C expected all weekend)

Happy Valentines day – unfortunately it is not so happy for many Ottawa homeowners. This morning we received over 40 phone calls from homeowners with frozen pipes due to this deep cold. So I sent out an email letting our regular customers know what they can do to avoid frozen pipes and if they do […]

Blowing Snow causing furnace failure – how to fix the issue yourself

What a crazy day – no winter for months then it hits all at once!  The snow isn’t just a problem on the road – it is also a HUGE problem for your heating! The blowing snow piles up against the outside of the house blocking air vents for furnaces, water heaters, and other gas, […]

Free Furnace Buyers Guide

Great news! Revisions have been completed to our Consumers Furnace Buyers Guide for our fall/winter season and the new guide is now available for FREE to download from our website at Francis Furnace Buyers Guide Did you know that many of today’s furnaces are manufactured by the SAME companies?  (only 6 companies make 26 different […]