Sump Pump System minimize flooding risks

Sump Pump Systems that eliminate stress by minimizing flooding risks


Sump pumps take the water from your basement and pump it outside away from your house.  When we get severe flooding (fast snow melt, heavy rains, or a combination of both like this spring with our highest water levels in over a decade) having a sump pump is the difference between a flooded basement and a livable dry home.

The system we just put in is our best option for homeowners who are looking for peace of mind.

This sump pump system includes:

  • Main sump pump – electrical, doesn’t use a battery, works whenever there is water in the sump pit (the lowest part of your basement where water naturally goes)
  • 2nd Emergency back up sump pump that comes on if there is too much water or if the first main sump pump fails or if the power goes out.
  • Exceptional quality marine battery (it is charged when the electricity is running, it automatically turns on if the electricity stops working)
  • Wifi capabilities – it sends a pop up message to your cell phone so you know when it is running and what the status is. No more surprise floods.

We understand how stressful flooding can be, especially this time of year. Our goal is to take the stress out of potential flooding letting you sleep at night knowing that if there are any issues your pump will send a message to your cell phone letting you know BEFORE it becomes a big expensive issue

Please note not all homes have sump pits in their basements (especially if they are up high and not at risk of flooding) – but if you live in a low lying area that is prone to flooding you really should have one.

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