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Residential Heating services include both Boilers & Forced Air Heating (HVAC) which are both commonly used in Ottawa. Our licensed & insured heating technicians specialize in…


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Looking to replace your old hot water tank, repair your water heater, switch to a high efficiency tankless or simply want to get out of your rental hotwater tank contract…


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Plumbing services are about more than just plumbing; it is your health, your home, your family and the very water you drink. Our licensed & insured plumbers can provide you with…


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Air conditioning has become essential in Ottawa to keep homes cool on hot days but also for reducing risks associated with poor outdoor air quality. What choice is best when it comes to AC…

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Francis Plumbing & Heating Climate Care has some of the best TSSA certified and licensed gas fitters to handle any natural gas line & propane issues or renovations you may want or need.


At Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare Our Mission is to provide you with an exceptional experience from start to finish including the time you are looking for information online about plumbing, heating or air conditioning, to booking your appointment all the way through till we’ve completed your job to your complete satisfaction as per our written guaranty (we even do the paperwork after the job is done including returning rental equipment, filling out warranty and rebate forms, and more). We make things as effortless for you as possible and we keep you informed every step of the way.

Since 1933 Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare has been putting YOU first making sure your home is kept clean, prices are fair and jobs are quoted before any work is done (no surprises). We guaranty your satisfaction in writing.

Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare’s team of licensed Ottawa plumbers, gas fitters, and HVAC specialists (HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) has continued to provide on-going excellence in water, heating & air conditioning services including: home plumbing, drains, renovations, repairs, service, water purification, water softeners, home heating, HVAC, furnaces, air conditioners, radiant floor heating, boilers, radiators, hot water tanks, tankless instantaneous water heaters, snow melt driveways, home improvements, natural gas hook ups, installations and disconnects for gas ranges, BBQ and pool heaters and simply helping our neighbours save money and resources through the latest technologies and advances in the residential plumbing, heating & cooling industries. We are also up to date on all the latest rebates and Ottawa programs that can save you money.

After all at Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare
Serving YOU is all we do (and we still love what we do after 84 years in business)!


Frozen Pipes, Furnace not working, more cold solutions

I just found out that the temperatures are going below minus 30 this weekend - even colder than last week! With extreme cold comes all kinds of problems for your home so I have compiled some of my earlier articles for tips on how to deal with issues before they become...

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No Heat 11 Point Furnace Check save a service call

No heat - furnace not working? Nothing is more frustrating than paying for an emergency service call only to find out it was something simple you could have fixed yourself. Here are some tips to save on an emergency call when you heating is being problematic. Try...

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How to avoid or thaw frozen pipes

How to avoid frozen pipes and how to thaw frozen pipes in your home. We know how frustrating it can be when the water is no longer running and pipes are frozen - we also know how very expensive it is when frozen water lines burst from the pressure flooding homes and...

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