Ductless Mini Split

Split Ductless Air Conditioning – otherwise known as wall hung air conditioner AC

Homes without duct work (such as heritage homes or homes with boiler systems) can enjoy AC air conditioning too thanks to mini split ductless air conditioning systems. Not only do we provide services to most makes and models we also have certified installers ready to take those hot stuffy rooms in the summer (especially upstairs) turning them into a comfortable oasis for your family to enjoy.

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Mitsubishi Split Ductless AC & Heat Pumps

How ductless mini-split systems work:

Like conventional HVAC systems, the mini-split ductless air conditioner system locates the noisy compressor and condenser outside the house. But split ductless air conditioning systems eliminate the need for a basement or attic located evaporator unit and bulky duct work by using thin copper tubing that pumps refrigerant directly to discreet wall mounted blowers inside (as seen in the images below).


For heritage homes and or homes with boilers, radiators or radiant floor heating the mini split ductless air conditioning system is the perfect solution providing cooling without having to damage structures, ripping open walls or modifying floor plans just to have central air conditioning.


If you purchase a ductless heat pump then the same cooling unit works in reverse in winter, absorbing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors to heat your home. Of course in Ottawa Ontario there are a few weeks in the winter that are too cold for most heat pump systems but the heat produced by the mini split ductless air conditioning heat pump system is the perfect balance for colder evenings in the fall and in the spring meaning you will need less hours of use for your furnace extending the life of the unit while providing quiet comfort at higher efficiency than traditional central air conditioners.


Available in numerous mix-and-match capacities and configurations, there is a mini split ductless air conditioning system for even the most difficult to cool areas.

Copper tubing running through a small 3″ to 4″ opening in the wall or ceiling easily connects the indoor and outdoor units.  Refrigerant is cycled through the lines from the outdoor condensing unit to the indoor unit where the air is quietly distributed to the interior space.

Energy Efficient

Because there are no ducts, the split ductless air conditioning system lose less than 5% cooling vs. up to 40% for traditional forced air cooling systems.  Increased efficiencies up to 33 SEER means lower utility bills.  Several models are even Energy Qualified meaning that save you on your utility bill.

Individual Zoning

One of the biggest benefits to the split ductless air conditioning system is the individual control you have for each zone.  Why pay to heat or cool areas that no one is occupying? Individual zoning allows you to heat or cool areas you want and not the areas that are unoccupied saving you money.

Quiet Operation

Ductless air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit, which allows for a peaceful inside environment by enabling the contractor to install louder components like the compressors and motors outdoors.

Year Round, Whole Home/Business Comfort

Split ductless air conditioning heat pump systems provide home and business owners just the right amount of heating and cooling needed by installing 2 to 8 indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.  Indoor units vary by size and style and each creates its own “zone” of comfort, allowing you to hear or cool individual rooms, hallways and open spaces.

Efficiency Calculator

The amount you save on your utility bills depends on a variety of conditions – most importantly how efficient the system you select is and what type of system you currently have, as well as current cost of energy and home construction.

  1. What are the advantages of installing a ductless mini-spit system over a central air conditioner system?With central air conditioning you must cool an entire home when only one room may need cooling. On the other hand, ductless mini-splits cool only the areas you want and not the areas you don’t.
  2. 18,000 BTU is a typical minimum central air conditioning unit. With ductless mini-splits you can use 7,000, 9,000 or 12,000 BTUs.
  3. Typical 3-ton homes are not zoned or require complex zoning systems which makes it very expensive for the homeowner. With ductless mini-split air conditioning systems multiple evaporators make zoning as simple as setting a remote control.
  4. Energy wasted in long lengths of uninhabited duct work means higher energy bills. Less than 5% cooling loss occurs in insulated refrigerant lines compared with up to 25% through ducts.
  5. Retrofitting homes requires cutting holes in walls, floors, ceilings or decreasing closet space with ducts. Ductless mini-split systems requires just a 3″ to 4″ hole in the outside wall. This means less mess and better home aesthetics.

Which brand offers the best mini split?

Our company and our licensed experts definitely have preferences which is based on:

  • best value for the money
  • reliability (which models require less after installation care)
  • ease of operation (homeowners shouldn’t need a degree in HVAC or software programming to operate the thermostat)
  • accessibility of design (meaning they are manufactured to make it easier for a licensed technician to access all the components – this saves the homeowner labour hours on diagnostics and repairs if they are ever needed).

From our extensive testing and experience dealing with Ottawa homes we have found the following to be the best in our view:

On our list the worst is the Gree due to very expensive electrical upgrades required to make them operational (not practical for Ottawa home owners).

How much is a ductless mini-split?

Prices vary drastically when it comes to mini split ductless air conditioning systems. Much of the cost has nothing to do with the actual unit itself but the installation.

Depending on the location for the outdoor compressor and the indoor heads it can add drastically different amounts of labour. For example if a indoor head is being installed on a 2nd floor over an open loft we would have to bring in a lift or scaffolding to reach the unit which makes for a much more expensive installation than just a straight install where ladders or scaffolding isn’t required. Working at heights also requires additional safety precautions and equipment that adds to the labour costs.

The best way to figure out the price is to speak with one of our experts who can walk you through a variety of different options priced to fit your specific home cooling needs and budget.

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Are ductless mini splits worth it?

Absolutely! A central air conditioner is usually preferred (as they work with existing ductwork) but for homes without existing duct work or with rooms that just never get cool enough (especially top floors in a home) a split ductless air conditioner is a perfect solution.

Air conditioners provide more than just comfort – there are many health reasons for adding air conditioning to your home:

  • With ongoing climate issues like hot days where air quality warnings are issued having an air conditioner may be your only filtration to healthier air.
  • In addition to those who suffer with compromised immune systems bacteria doesn’t breed as quickly in colder conditions (thus why hospitals are kept so cold).
  • Air conditioning could also mean the difference in being able to breath easily on hot days for those who suffer with asthma or other breathing disorders.

How many ductless units do I need?

How many square feet does a mini split cool?

Split ductless air conditioners are able to cool different sized areas based on the size of the unit. To know what size you need you will need to know how many square feet each room is that you want that unit to cool.

For example:

Cooling size areaBTU Capacity needed
150 to 250 Square Feet6,000 BTU’s
250 to 300 Square Feet7,000 BTU’s
300 to 350 Square Feet8,000 BTU’s
350 to 400 Square Feet9,000 BTU’s
400 to 450 Square Feet10,000 BTU’s
450 to 550 Square Feet12,000 BTU’s
550 to 700 Square Feet14,000 BTU’s
700 to 1,000 Square Feet18,000 BTU’s
1,000 to 1,200 Square Feet21,000 BTU’s
1,200 to 1,400 Square Feet23,000 BTU’s
Up to 1,500 Square Feet24,000 BTU’s

But these are not the only variables when it comes to sizing a split ductless air conditioner. Other factors can change the size needs such as:

  • Ceiling Height (the taller the ceiling the BTU’s have to be increased)
  • Insulation (poorly insulated homes will require additional power to cool the same area)
  • Exterior factors (such a big shade trees, awnings, windows)

The best way to size a unit to your specific home is to speak with one of our experts who can walk you through the process answering your questions at the same time.

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Should I leave my mini split on all the time?

You can leave it on but it doesn’t actually run 24/7 – it only runs when the temperature starts to warm up, then it will run long enough to cool the room back to your pre-set preferred temperature before turning itself back off (unless you are operating it in fan on mode instead of auto fan).

Can I cover up the line set (piping) running on the outside of my house?

Yes – there are line-set covers specifically made to either match or compliment the exterior finish of your home to hide those pipes on the wall.  Our favorite line-set cover is SlimDuct  These covers can be purchased in different colours to match the aesthetics of the exterior of your home.

Can I paint the ductless mini-split unit?

We do NOT recommend painting the evaporator. Most manufacturers also do not recommend painting the evaporator. If for any reason a problem occurs with the unit in the future the warranty will become null and void if you paint or modify the appearance of the unit.

Can I buy a split ductless unit online?

Most manufacturers do NOT recommend buying units online as the warranty can easily become null and void if not installed to manufacturer specifications or local building codes.  Air Conditioning is a licensed trade and these units work on refrigerants that take special tools, training and licensing to handle. That being said we are proud to be a certified contractor for Mitsubishi and Fujitsu – we have licensed and insured installers ready to serve or install your split ductless.

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Available Single Zone ductless systems:

  • Wall Mounted Ductless systems
  • Universal Floor/Ceiling Ductless systems
  • Large Ceiling Ductless systems
  • Floor Mounted ductless systems
  • Slim ductless systems
  • Compact Cassette ductless systems
  • Cassette ductless systems

Available Multi Zone ductless systems:

  • Multi zone systems (2 to 4 zones)
  • Flex Zone Systems (2 to 8 zones)

Available Ductless Accessories:

  • Remote Controls
  • Fresh Air Intake Kits
  • Auto Louver Grille Kit

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