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Climate Strike – Climate Care

Climate Strike – Climate Care   Update: Today (Friday Sept. 27, 2019) is the day where protesters across Canada and the world are speaking out about climate change. This is the second climate strike this month as more and more people get involved to force governments to make changes to reduce the damages we are […]

Sump Pump System minimize flooding risks

Sump Pump Systems that eliminate stress by minimizing flooding risks   Sump pumps take the water from your basement and pump it outside away from your house.  When we get severe flooding (fast snow melt, heavy rains, or a combination of both like this spring with our highest water levels in over a decade) having […]


Flooding is anticipated this weekend as we are going to reach record highs of plus 10 – that means all that snow is going to melt really fast flooding basements in the process. If you have a sump pump – today is a great day to test it before it becomes a critical problem. A […]

Free plumbing and heating quotes by email

Did you know that 90% of free plumbing and heating quotes received by email from contractors are NOT what you will actually be billed? Everyday we get tons of emails requesting free plumbing and heating quotes by email.  Although we try our best to answer these emails with as much information as possible, without a […]

Rain, Leaks, Tornadoes, and Sump Pumps

After being hit with a tornado on Friday many homes and businesses (like our office) had some structural damages and leaks – the worst of it was obvious but you could have additional issues not yet discovered. During the heavy rain today here is what you need watch for: Check the ceiling in the top […]

Shocking Price Increase for Water Heaters, Tankless, Furnaces & AC Expected Soon

SHOCKING PRICE INCREASES FOR WATER HEATERS, TANKLESS, FURNACES AND AIR CONDITIONERS (AC) EXPECTED SOON! I just heard through the grapevine that there are shocking price increases heading our way to Ottawa for water heaters, furnaces, AC and tankless units. With news of double-digit price increases for raw steel we are going to see those prices […]

Earth Day 2018 Event

Celebrate Earth Day 2018 on Saturday April 21, 2018 at the Glebe Community Centre (175 Third Ave) Ottawa, Ontario where you will be able to meet our staff and learn more ways to reduce your carbon foot print (and save money). This is a free event open to all – hope to see you there!

Frozen Pipes, Furnace not working, more cold solutions

I just found out that the temperatures are going below minus 30 this weekend – even colder than last week! With extreme cold comes all kinds of problems for your home so I have compiled some of my earlier articles for tips on how to deal with issues before they become expensive repairs. How to […]

No Heat 11 Point Furnace Check save a service call

No heat – furnace not working? Nothing is more frustrating than paying for an emergency service call only to find out it was something simple you could have fixed yourself. Here are some tips to save on an emergency call when you heating is being problematic. Try these before calling for an emergency technician. When the […]