BioClean drain cleaner certified SAFE for food services

We have always known that Bio-clean drain cleaner (which clears your drain with bacteria that eat away the gunk without damaging your drain pipes) has been safe enough to eat – but now it is NSF Certified.  Another industry first!

This means it has been approved for use in food prep and production areas making it virtually safe for consumption without health risks. 100% safe drain cleaner! Bio-Clean has also had a formula upgrade making it even more powerful than ever before for breaking up blocked drains and with regular use keeps drains clear.

We are proud and excited to offer our neighbours such a high quality drain cleaner product.  One canister typically lasts 2 or more years and works great on blocked drains, slow flowing drains, septic tanks, RV sewage tanks, and more… such a versatile product that we have been recommending for years.

Put away the draino and harsh chemicals that eat more than the blocked drain waste and are toxic and very dangerous to use (if it splashes in your face it can cause blindness and chemical burns) – switch to the safer drain cleaning solution and you don’t have to worry about your pets eating it (or your kids) it is 100% safe (same bacteria used in yogurt to clear our digestive system).

Bio-Clean canisters are available in our office – call today for pricing 613-224-0041