Boiler Maintenance Plans & Boiler Service Contracts

Gold Membership Maintenance Plan


We are often asked what is included in our annual boiler maintenance (and what is included in our GOLD boiler maintenance plan – which is a discounted boiler service contract) – here is a general outline of the work that is performed during a typical residential boiler maintenance tune-up (please note this list may be modified to fit specific equipment that may require additional service to complete the maintenance):


Residential Boiler Maintenance includes our 13 Point Boiler Inspection Checklist:

  1. Check thermostat calibration
  2. Check all electrical connections
  3. Check boiler safety controls
  4. Check system water pressure
  5. Check venting and gas piping
  6. Check pump operations
  7. Ensure proper system operation
  8. Examine quality of installation
  9. Inspect area around system
  10. Inspect equipment clearances
  11. Examine overall condition
  12. Document equipment location, make, model & serial number
  13. Document age of equipment & any upgrades made
  14. NOTE: excludes individual radiators and zone control systems

Residential Annual Boiler Maintenance includes both the 13 Point Boiler Inspection checklist above PLUS our Annual boiler Maintenance Tune-Up Check list:

  1. Perform Boiler Inspection during Maintenance (see checklist)
  2. Check for proper pressure on gas valve
  3. Check for proper millivolt output of thermocouple
  4. Tighten and clean thermocouple connections
  5. Drain older expansion tank (new expansion tanks do not require draining)
  6. Check setting of pilot (if the boiler doesn’t have electronic ignition). Flame should be high enough to generate current through thermocouple
  7. Tighten all gas connections. Check for leaks
  8. Remove and clean burners, reset, and adjust air shutters for a proper flame
  9. Check burner and pilot alignment
  10. Visually inspect inside combustion chamber of high efficiency boiler
  11. Inspect mid-efficiency insulation plates
  12. Oil motor bearings
  13. Oil pump if required
  14. Check limit settings and operations
  15. Check flue for leaks and proper connection to outside vents
  16. Check thermostat location, operation, calibration, & anticipation setting
  17. Check thermostat wiring for tight, clean connections
  18. Disassemble and clean condensate drain and reassemble
  19. Combustion efficiency test
  20. Perform Safety Inspection (including CO ppm detection)
  21. Verify home has working CO detectors as per TSSA regulations
  22. Notify homeowner of condition of unit & any recommendations
  23. Provide written quote for any recommendations and/or schedule estimator as needed
  24. NOTE: excludes individual radiators and zone control systems (additional charges may apply but will be quoted first for approval)
  25. NOTE: does not include tri-annual full tear down cleanings – extra’s apply for this service due to expensive custom gaskets and additional labour hours are involved. A quote will be provided up front if you are interested in the full tear-down with replaced gasket kits and more. Call for complete details.


Tri-Annual FULL TEAR DOWN Boiler Maintenance Tune-Up Check list 

NOTE: Tri-annual full tear down maintenance is not required on newer boiler models – they are more common in the mid-efficiency older boiler units. There is an additional charge for this full tear down as additional parts and labour are required.

  1. Perform Boiler Inspection during Maintenance as listed in checklist above
  2. Perform Annual Boiler Maintenance Tune-Up as listed in checklist above PLUS:
  3. Remove gas valve
  4. Remove blower assembly
  5. Remove boiler door
  6. Brush down interior of the heat exchanger
  7. Flush away all debris through the condensate
  8. Disassemble the condensate and clean then reassemble
  9. Replace and install new boiler door gaskets (custom gasket kit to be ordered prior to cleaning)
  10. Reassemble blower assembly
  11. Reassemble gas valve and inspect for leaks
  12. Restart and confirm proper operations of ignition system
  13. Combustion efficiency test
  14. Perform Safety Inspection (including CO ppm detection)
  15. Notify homeowner of condition of unit & any recommendations
  16. Provide written quote for any recommendations and/or schedule estimator as needed

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For a complete list of our maintenance plans and how they work visit our Maintenance Plan page

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