Did you receive a Warning Tag or Red Tag from Enbridge Gas and need help getting it resolved? We can help…


A Warning Tag or Red Tag simply means that a licensed gas fitter who is TSSA certified has deemed your equipment to be unsafe to use in its current condition. The most common reason to Red Tag a furnace or hot water tank is venting related issues where carbon monoxide can leak into the home causing potentially life threatening situations or due to improper installation.

Keep in mind that a licensed gas fitter doesn’t have a grudge against you and isn’t punishing you – in  fact all licensed gas fitters are required by law to tag any gas fired equipment that is deemed unsafe or hazardous to operate. Failure to Red Tag (or Warning Tag) your gas fired equipment if found faulty can result in serious fines, imprisonment and loss of license and employment (in other words they had no choice at all – they are simply doing their job).

So what can you do if your furnace, boiler or hot water tank has been Red Tagged or if you received a Warning Tag?

Our company can provide you with a licensed gas fitter who will come out and assess the problem, provide you with a written quote to resolve the problem and if you accept the quote will immediately begin repairs to your equipment bringing it back up to safe operating conditions (and/or replacement if necessary) so that you can once more get back to enjoying your life instead of stressing over this issue.

Once we have resolved the issue our company then removes the Warning Tag or Red Tag from Enbridge Gas and brings all the documentation to our office. From there we notify Enbridge gas that the issues have been resolved and the equipment is now in safe working condition, provide them with our license numbers and if your gas has already been turned off we get it turned back on for you.

In other words you don’t have to do a thing – we take care of everything for you.

What is the difference between a Red Tag (Type A) and a Warning Tag (Type B)?

A Type A Red Tag from Enbridge gas means that your equipment is too dangerous to operate and had to be shut down immediately to protect your family and your home. With a red tag your gas is turned off to that appliance (furnace or hot water tank) and capped off and cannot be turned back on until the problem has been corrected. This can be very upsetting when it is your heating system that is shut off in the middle of winter. Our company understands your frustration and will make your call a priority to get you heat back on as quickly as possible.

A Type B Warning Tag from Enbridge gas means that your equipment has been deemed unsafe due to a code infraction (often times related to venting issues or problems related to how the equipment was installed). Usually in this scenario your gas is not turned off and you have up to 45 days to get the issue resolved to avoid having your gas turned off.  Of course over time the codes do change so it is not uncommon for what was previously up to code 10 years ago to no longer meet the newer more stringent codes – in this scenario you are often given a warning tag so you have time to resolve the issue without having your gas turned off immediately.

If you receive one of these Warning Tags we highly recommend you do not wait to get the problems resolved as repairs can require additional time to completion (special ordered parts or materials for example can delay completion). Of course our trucks are well stocked with most standard materials needed and we will do everything in our power to make sure your issues can be corrected quickly.

If you fail to have a Type B Warning Tag resolved please note that Enbridge Gas will turn your gas off to your home for failure to comply with requirements. It can take time to get it turned back on once turned off, so it is better to resolve the issue within the warning period given.

If you have questions or require any assistance please let us know… serving YOU is all we do for over 80 years!

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