No Heat 11 Point Furnace Check save a service call

No heat – furnace not working? Nothing is more frustrating than paying for an emergency service call only to find out it was something simple you could have fixed yourself.

Here are some tips to save on an emergency call when you heating is being problematic.

Try these before calling for an emergency technician.

When the heat goes out – your 11 point check list:

Thermostat Check:
* Is the thermostat set to the HEAT position?
* Is the temperature set at least 3 degrees above the current room temperature?
* Does the thermostat use batteries? Do the batteries need to be changed?
* If the thermostat has a fan switch, is it ON? (If the fan does not come on and there is no air coming out of the register, then there may not be power to the furnace)

Electrical Panel Check
* If the furnace has a breaker, has it been tripped? (if it has, then the switch will be between the ON and OFF position.) If it has been tripped, it can be reset by switching it all the way OFF and then back ON.
* If the furnace has a fuse, has it blown? If so, it should be replaced.

Warning: If the breaker keeps tripping or the fuse keeps blowing, homeowner should call for service.

Furnace Check:
* Is the furnace’s emergency shut-off ON? (If the furnace has this switch, it will be located near the furnace and may look like a regular light switch only usually higher on the wall.)
* Are all access doors and panels to the furnace secured? (if the door has come lose the unit may not operate)
* If the furnace has a standing pilot light in the furnace, is it lit?
* Is your furnace air filter clean? A dirty filter can block air flow.

Outside Check:
* Is the venting clear of snow, ice or any other obstruction? (like a field mouse who crawled inside for warmth).

Still can’t make the heating work? Give us a call and I will do what I can to assist you to save you that emergency call.

Please note if you have a boiler system – they are not designed for temperatures below minus 20, which means your house could be cooler than normal – this may be normal if you are in an older home. If you are in a newer home with really good insulation the boiler should have no problem keeping up with the demand.

If you find it cooler than normal you can help warm up your home with additional heat from different sources – small portable heaters (Canadian Tire has them on sale) or if you have a fireplace that will add heat to the house making it more comfortable. (WARNING: Be sure to follow the instructions on any portable heating systems to avoid house fires or electrocution).

If you find the temperature continues dropping and does not remain consistent and you have tried all our tips here – you need to get a technician to help diagnose the problem. We can help.

Click the chat box or give us a call at 613-224-0041 and we will do what we can to assist you.

Wishing you a warm and cozy winter!

Kay Francis and the entire Francis Family team

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