1 Year 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee on Air Conditioning, Heating and Plumbing services

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Francis Plumbing & Heating wants your service experience to be one of the best service experiences you’ve ever had. That’s why we offer you the Francis Plumbing and Heating 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Francis plumbing and Heating is committed to upholding the highest level of service and installation in the plumbing, heating and cooling industry.

12-Month Service Work Guarantee:

If you are not totally satisfied for the first year following the service work performed by Francis Plumbing & Heating, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will refund your service call fee. See terms and conditions below

12-Month Installation Guarantee:

If you are not totally satisfied with our equipment installation work, we will promptly address and perform to your complete satisfaction those issues regarding material and workmanship or we will remove the installed equipment and refund your money.


Terms & Conditions:

Guarantee only covers the actual work that we have done on the premises in the contract. The guarantee becomes void should anyone not from our company make any modifications, adjustments or changes to the work we completed. Guarantee does not cover any damages by disasters or acts of God (i.e.: floods, freezing pipes, power surges or outages, etc.)  No extended warranties shall be valid unless in writing and signed by the technician.

The following items are excluded from the 12 month guarantee: 
  • Clogged drains: we cannot accept responsibility for what consumers put down their drains.
  • Frozen pipes: the existing conditions that caused the pipes to freeze will cause the pipes to freeze again when temperatures get low. Recommend getting a contractor to come in, open walls where pipes previously froze, re-insulate the air space behind the pipes and properly seal any air leaks to the outside to prevent the pipes from refreezing. No warranty on frozen pipes.
  • Customer supplied parts & fixtures: Due to the flood of sub-standard parts on the market today we cannot guaranty parts or fixtures that we do not supply. The only guaranty will be a Limited 1 Year Labour Warranty that only covers the quality of the installation. If the part itself fails or leaks it voids our limited labour warranty.
  • Radiator air locks: boiler systems can produce additional air in the system even after the radiators have been bled of air. While bleeding radiators we are happy to show homeowners how to remove air from radiators saving them a similar service call in the future.
  • Pre-existing part failure: We are not responsible for old pre-existing parts that we did not install such as old valves that leak when they are touched in order to provide services. Homeowner accepts full responsibility for existing parts & equipment.

Warranty Claims:

Warranty repairs must be completed within 30 days of claim (pending parts availability) or warranty is voided.