Frozen Pipes, Furnace not working, more cold solutions

I just found out that the temperatures are going below minus 30 this weekend – even colder than last week!

With extreme cold comes all kinds of problems for your home so I have compiled some of my earlier articles for tips on how to deal with issues before they become expensive repairs.

How to avoid frozen pipes and how to thaw frozen pipes in your home.

We know how frustrating it can be when the water is no longer running and pipes are frozen – we also know how very expensive it is when frozen water lines burst from the pressure flooding homes and damaging everything. We would love to help you avoid that stress and expense! Below are some tips to get you through the coldest days…

11 Point Furnace Check when the heat isn’t working

No heat – furnace not working? Nothing is more frustrating than paying for an emergency service call only to find out it was something simple you could have fixed yourself.

Here are some tips to save on an emergency call when you heating is being problematic. Try these before calling…

Iced up venting on furnace?

If your furnace goes off here is what you need to do:

Go outside and check the venting (it will either be white, grey or black pipe sticking outside your house), these often have condensation on them which in these extreme temperatures causes that moisture to freeze up. So what happens is your furnace is starving for oxygen. You need to…

Blowing Snow causing furnace failure – how to fix the issue yourself

The blowing snow piles up against the outside of the house blocking air vents for furnaces, water heaters, and other gas, oil & propane fired appliances causing them to fail. We have already talked to many homeowners today who thought their furnaces were broken when it was just snow blocking the vents.

If you have a fairly new furnace your system will simply shut off if the vent is blocked with snow (you will know because your house will get very cold fast). If you have an old furnace it could keep running flooding your house with deadly carbon monoxide.

Both problems can be easily fixed by…

Have other issues we have not addressed? Let us know and we will do our best to help!

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