Every employee of Francis Plumbing and Heating will meet the following set of requirements to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and to protect our neighbours and customers.

Professionalism and Competency

  1. Every employee will address customers in a respectful and professional manner answering questions honestly and to the best of their ability.
  2. Each service technician shall have the licensing (or apprenticeship under support of our licensed technicians), plus trade knowledge and experience required to perform their trade with competency that meet all codes of trade.
  3. Each installation technician shall have the licensing (or apprenticeship under support of our licensed technicians), plus trade knowledge and experience required to perform installations with competency that meet all mandatory building codes and manufacturers recommendation.
  4. Each estimator is trained in performing heat load calculations and is able to assess the appropriate size of equipment needed for each specific home.
  5. Each estimator is fully knowledgeable about the products we sell, warranties, and any rebates or grant programs as made available.
  6. Each employee is fully trained in customer resolutions in the event that the services rendered do not meet the homeowners expectations all efforts will be made to meet all reasonable expectations or we will remove equipment and refund customer in full (see 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranty for full details).
  7. Each employee driving a company vehicle will follow all applicable laws and road signs and will use care in driving and parking company vehicles. Employees are provided with hands free cell phone options so that cell phones are never held or looked at while driving. Employees will pull over if they need to look at their cell phones.
  8. Each service van is maintained regularly to assure the vehicle is in proper and safe working condition at all times.

Ethical and Personal Requirements

  1. Every employee has been screened and passed a background check before being hired by our company.
  2. New employees upon approved background check and screening have a restricted probationary period where their skills and behavior are monitored to assure they meet all skills knowledge requirements, company policies and company ethics. If they do not meet our strict requirements they do not remain with our company.
  3. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited while on duty.
  4. Weapons are strictly prohibited and not allowed in the work place (workplace includes: customers homes, customer properties or in service vans)
  5. Smoking and vaping is not allowed in or within 9 meters of customers residence or work place.
  6. Employees who do smoke or vape must be conscious of smoking or vaping odors and use appropriate hygiene measures which may include: hand sanitizer, odor neutralizing spray, breath spray, breath mints, etc.
  7. All employees are required to wear masks if requested to do so for the protection of our customers & staff. All safety measures are mandatory as outlined by the CDC and or Canadian government.

Dress Code and Personal Appearance Policy

  1. All employees will maintain good personal hygiene and grooming
  2. All service technicians, installers and estimators will wear proper uniforms branded with our company logo for easy recognition. No other branding is allowed.
  3. Body art (tatoos and piercing) shall be discretely covered up (or removed if piercings) if inappropriate for the workplace. Inappropriate is defined as potentially offensive to any group of people or individual. 
  4. All safety personal protection equipment (PPE) shall be worn as required for each specific task.
  5. During the pandemic additional safety measures will remain in place such as:
    1. Masks worn at all times (new mask for each jobsite to assure it is sterile)
    2. Hand sanitizer used frequently
    3. Tools disinfected between each job
    4. See full safety policy during covid outbreak for full details.