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Water Heater bad info online can kill you

Today I read an article that got me mad (see below) the author was obviously misinformed which puts lives at risk. If you read the article when it comes to tip #5 DO NOT TURN THE TEMPERATURE DOWN ON YOUR WATER HEATER! Warm water makes the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of deadly bacteria and viruses (like Legionnaires disease that has a 34% mortality rate meaning it can kill you). You don’t get these diseases from drinking the warm water, you get it from breathing the vapors in the shower. Keep your hot water set for 140°F minimum to make sure it’s killing off anything that can hurt you. If you want to save energy then go tankless but do not turn the temperature down. Some bad ideas keep popping up on the internet! http://www.realtor.com/a…/home-improvement/cut-energy-costs/

water heater temperature chart for killing bacteria

The chart above outlines the temperatures needed to kill deadly bacteria in your water heater. This comes directly from the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering. We need the water set where it kills bacteria in minutes (not hours) as most people do not wait hours between showers when multiple people are showering in the home.

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