We are often asked for recommendations for other trades. Here is our list of some of our personal favorites that we personally use both in business and in our own homes.

Please note that our experience with this company may vary from what you experience – we do not make any guarantees and accept no liability for the services you receive. As always we recommend doing your due diligence before hiring any company.

Due diligence should include:
  • getting competitive quotes from other companies
  • not comparing only price but what is included and more importantly what isn’t included especially warranties. Don’t forget that the cheapest price does not always equal a job done well – usually if they are substantially cheaper they may be missing important details that could mean the difference between satisfied work and a court battle over shoddy workmanship or serious damages to the home
  • running a company check with BBB (better business bureau) to make sure they are still in good standing
  • check out their online ratings as well but remember that some people will post bad reviews if they don’t like someone regardless of how exceptional the work was done so check out the person who wrote the bad review to see if they always leave bad reviews – if so this may not be a reliable source (just an unhappy person who is never satisfied with work performed regardless of quality).
  • check out how the company responded to bad reviews (if any) – how they respond will tell you more about the company than all the positive reviews combined.


Madawaska Properties – owner: Joe Murray 613-371-0156 (performed work on our own homes! Exceptional services that come in on budget)

Matt Oderkirk 613-882-0938 (personal knowledge – our customers have had great experiences with this company)

Cada Construction 613-229-7832 (personal knowledge – our customers have had great experiences with this company)

Farrell & Sons 613-225-0560 excavating contractor (personal knowledge – our customers have had great experiences with this company)



Faulkner Electric 613-722-3300 (this is the only electrician we use in our business and in our own homes)



Jim Laurin 613-761-8856

Manion Oil tank removal 613-256-4890


Five Star Asbestos Testing & Removal 613-443-5554


Bytown Auto 613-225-3591  (this is the only place we take our service vans AND our personal vehicles for service and repairs)



Energuy 1-877-636-3748   (fast turn around time for homeowners, we have had great experiences with them in the past)



Handyman reviewed   (please note – we have NOT personally used this service nor any of their recommendations)


If you have worked with an amazing company and would like to see them added to our recommendations page please contact our office – if we believe it is a good fit for our Ottawa homeowners we may include your recommendation in future updates.