Francis Plumbing offers so much more than just plumbing. We provide ongoing maintenance and annual service to your most important home equipment with these available maintenance plans:

*  Furnace Maintenance Plans

*  Air Conditioner Maintenance Plans

*  Air Handler Maintenance Plans

*  Space / Wall Heaters Maintenance Plans

*  Boiler Maintenance Plans

*  Gas Fireplace Maintenance Plans

*  Water Heater Maintenance Plans

*  Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Plans

These maintenance plans save you money, caring for the equipment that needs annual service anyway to maintain efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and keep your equipment in good working condition in addition to making YOU a priority!

We Care Service Agreement (Maintenance Plan)

What is a We Care Service Agreement (Maintenance Plan)?

First, let’s define a service agreement.  It is NOT an insurance program or extended warranty, similar to what the consumer electronics big box stores offer (although we have those too).  It is real maintenance work, discounted because it is pre-purchased and scheduled during slow periods. 

We call it We Care – because we actually do care and this agreement builds that relationship with you where we care for your equipment and your home for the duration of the agreement.

We get to know you by name and provide for you throughout the years just like it was done 80 years ago when our grandfather started this company, back in the days when milk was still delivered to your door step each morning.

You aren’t an account number to us – and you aren’t just a customer – you are our neighbour (not a stranger) and you live in our neighborhood that we live in and care for.

We are actively involved in the care for our city and our neighbourhood through our participation in local Rotary groups, Neighbourhood Watch programs, Clean Water Works (our global support) and our own Ottawa initiatives such as reducing the carbon footprint in Ottawa by over 200 tons in 2015 – so as you see serving you is in perfect alignment with our goals and efforts.

We Care also gives you the added benefit of priority service since we become YOUR service company – meaning when you call for service you get pushed to the front of the line reducing your wait time. Our We Care family members always get priority!

We Care Maintenance Plans – because serving YOU is all we do!

We have two different maintenance plans available to you:

WE CARE Maintenance Plan

Annual maintenance

Includes: Safety inspection

Priority Service

15% discount on service

90 day diagnostic warranty

5% discount on new equipment

Email notifications

WE CARE PLUS Maintenance Plan

Annual maintenance

Includes: Safety inspection

Priority Service

FREE service (Parts & Labour)*

1 year diagnostic warranty*

5% PLUS unused plan limit deducted

Email notifications

WE CARE Maintenance Plan

This is an Annual Maintenance Plan where for a small monthly fee it covers the costs of ONE annual maintenance at a discounted rate for that specific piece of equipment. (Additional discounts available on multiple pieces of equipment)

Our We Care Maintenance Plan is available for:



Air Conditioner


Tankless Water Heater



Air Handlers

Space/Wall Heaters

Gas Fireplaces

Hot water tanks

By paying for it in small monthly installments not only does the customer get a better rate but the small monthly payments are automatically deducted each month so they don’t get hit with one big bill each year and they don’t have to remember to schedule the appointments – we notify them when it is time for their annual service.

We post our most recent WeCare Maintenance Plan Terms and Conditions right on our website
for the whole world to see as part of our transparency in service promise. The plans are transferable and you can cancel at anytime 
see our terms and conditions for complete details.


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