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York, Climatecare, Coleman, Luxaire Furnaces

Did you know that Johnson Controls makes: York, ClimateCare, Coleman, Luxaire furnaces?

When manufacturers make more than one brand it is not uncommon for them to use the exact same parts from one unit to another to save costs on manufacturing. Therefore you can assume that the quality will be similar from one brand to another with minor modifications for upgraded features such as higher efficiencies and such.

When it comes to a new furnace installation the longevity of the unit and the quality of operation has more to do with installation than it has to do with any brand (as declared by the latest furnace comparison report by Consumers Report). When a good brand fails 90% of the time it is caused by poor or improper installation. In fact 30% of all furnace installations fail to operate the way the units were designed because more companies and handymen are putting them in without the technical training (and licensing) necessary to thoroughly understand why things have to be installed they way the manufacturer recommends.

When it comes to furnaces manufactured by Johnson Controls we have found the Climate Care brand not only to be a reliable furnace but at a price point that is more affordable to homeowners who want quality without over spending. Whether you chose York, ClimateCare, Coleman or Luxaire Johnshon Controls makes furnaces that withstand the test of time.

Below is a list of the Climate Care furnace models that we carry:

ClimateCare TG9S Single Stage furnace

95.5% AFUE efficiency, Energy Rated furnace.

ClimateCare TM9E Single Stage furnace

ClimateCare TM9V Two stage variable speed furnace

ClimateCare TP9C Premium modulating furnace

(brochures will be linked to these products shortly but you can always email us or hit the chat box for a quick reply).

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