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At Francis Plumbing & Heating we listen to our customers – so when they wanted us to carry the top of the line brands in addition to more affordable options we tested, compared, and made sure that whatever we sell we can stand behind for quality and reliability. Carrier meets and exceeds those standards of excellence.

As a Carrier Dealer – Francis Plumbing & Heating can provide you with the best Carrier furnace options that fit both your home and your budget. Certified Carrier dealers also receive training and ongoing support so that we are able to provide the best services for the products we sell.

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As a Carrier Dealer we can also offer the best warranties available:

  • Carrier Furnace Parts Warranty
  • 10 Year Labour Warranty from Francis Plumbing & Heating
  • Carrier Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty (the most expensive component in the furnace to replace)

Here is a list of our Models available this season (please note products change and although we do our best to update this list regularly for an exact list of models currently available please call or email our office and an estimator will be happy to provide you with all the details).

Frequently asked questions:

What size furnace do I need?

One size does not fit all – even if your square footage is the same as another home. The furnace size will vary due to many factors such as age of home, square footage, amount of windows, insulation, and more. In addition a furnace that is too small or too large can cause many problems in the home (short cycles, inconsistent heating, cold spots in the home, too dry, wet windows causing rot, etc.) and can compromise the longevity of the unit as well. This is why we highly recommend getting a free heat load calculation performed by one of our estimators so that your specific heating needs are addressed and the unit is sized appropriate. There is no charge or obligation to get this free estimate and heat load calculation.

Are Carrier furnaces any good?

U.S. News Ration Carrier is the number 1 Best in 2022. Carrier has a strong reputation for designing high-quality HVAC systems for more than a century.  Carrier has several patented technologies that are said to increase energy efficiency in their air conditioners, Carrier heat pumps and Carrier furnaces.

How much is a Carrier furnace cost?

Price varies from the different models and sizes. They are typically a bit more expensive than other less no brands but because of their exceptional quality many home owners prefer to spend a bit more for the very best equipment on the market.

What is the average life of a Carrier furnace?

The life of the furnace is directly related to the quality of the installation. A properly installed and maintained furnace call last at least 15 to 20 years on average. Like more things with a motor (for example cars) – the better the regular maintenance and quickly repairing worn out parts will certainly extend the life of the furnace.

What is the most reliable furnace brands?

From our experience we have had exceptional experience with Tempstar and Carrier for long lasting furnaces that typically require less repairs over the years than many of the other brands on the market. This is why our technicians prefer Tempstar or Carrier equipment in their own homes.

What’s better Carrier or Tempstar?

In terms of quality and performance of the HVAC equipment, Carrier is usually considered the “premium” brand (top of the line) while Tempstar is generally considered as a more budget conscious brand by most homeowners.  That being said you may be surprised to learn that Carrier and Tempstar are often exactly the same products but with different branding. They are both made in the same manufacturing plants.

Who builds Carrier furnaces?

Carrier is manufactured by ICP which also makes Tempstar and KeepRite with Carrier being their top of the line best on the market products.

Should a 24 year old furnace be replaced?

Although the older equipment may still be in working condition there are many benefits to replacing the unit when it is over 20 years old. Parts are no longer being made for these old models and are thus much more difficult and expensive to obtain, the unit is much less efficient than newer models which burn less fuel than the older models. There are often government grants available for switching to more efficient equipment. The newer models when properly installed are more reliable and will be covered under warranties (parts and labour warranties) meaning less out of pocket expenses.

Does a 2 stage furnace really save money?

Absolutely. A single stage furnace operates on high or off – there are no other stages. A 2 stage furnace has a high and low setting – once the desired temperature is achieved it switches to low stage which uses less fuel to operate. For the most effective and comfortable consistent temperatures in the home the modulating furnace is the best way to go as it has multiple stages (not just 1 or 2) so it uses the most efficient setting to maintain consistent comfort levels in the home.

How long does it take to remove and install a new furnace?

A typical residential furnace installation usually takes anywhere from 5 to 8 hours depending on the complexity of the installation and the experience of the installers. A system (consisting of a furnace and central air conditioner) usually takes around 8 to 9 hours but typically is completed in just 1 day.

Is the heat turned off when a new furnace is being installed?

Yes, we have to shut off the old heating system before we can remove it. This is why we provide our customers with temporary portable electric heaters so that the homeowner is NEVER cold during the installation and most installations are completed the same day so the homeowner has their new Carrier furnace up and running before the end of the work day.

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