Our neighbors who have used our services in the past become eligible to upgrade to our Francis Elite Membership.

What is Elite Membership with Francis?

Membership gives our loyal customers Elite Services through email notifications. These notifications can literally save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses, lost work time and endless frustration by giving you all the information you need to maintain your home. In addition it will give you priority information about changes that affect Ottawa homeowners BEFORE the general public even finds out. If it affects you or your home we let you know first!

Elite Notification isn’t about selling stuff it is about giving back to our loyal customers with support & tips to save you money and make home life easier for you.

Example:  We send you an email when heavy snow can potentially block air vents which can cause your expensive heating system to fail – this could so easily have been avoided just by getting notice of when it was time to shovel the snow away from the vent.

We also walk you through many typical routine things that need to be done when they need to be done so you don’t have to think about it until the next Francis Elite notice.

Examples: You are shown exactly when to change air filters, how to test your heating system, when to turn off the outside water taps so they don’t freeze, how to safely turn them back on in spring to avoid leaks, how to test your sump pump during heavy ground water flow to prevent flooding in your basement, and so much more.

These notifications are only sent as needed to keep you the homeowner informed (meaning you never get too many of them). Here are some of the replies we have received from loyal customers who receive these notifications:


So handy to receive the following hints.  Cheers,

Jennifer Read Ottawa, ON

Thanks for flagging the issue with your previous email.  I’d missed it entirely…

Mike Carter Ottawa, ON

Thank you again so much for your email.  I consider your emails very helpful and important and I very much appreciate receiving them.

Celestino Santos Ottawa, ON

Kay – This was very helpful… Top notch work.

Mark Bowlby Ottawa, ON

Thanks for the informative emails on this particular matter …… much appreciated.

Bert Ashdown Ottawa, ON

First, may I congratulate you on one of the best websites of any kind on in the Internet. It’s informative, well written, authoritative and blessedly free of product bias. As well it’s Canadian, so addresses some of the special needs of living here… Thanking you in advance,

Wayne Lilley Ottawa, ON

Thanks for posting this useful information.

Gordon Walker Ottawa, ON

At Francis Plumbing & Heating – serving YOU is all we do and as an Elite Member you get the benefit of membership just because you have been a great customer in the past without having to pay a dime for this additional service. It truly is OUR GIFT TO YOU!

Serving YOU is all we do!

If you would like to sign up to become a Francis Elite Member fill in the form below – please note however that this is for our loyal customers, family & friends – if you haven’t used our services we would love the opportunity to provide you with additional information.