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Clarity Air Conditioning Rental Alternative

Clarity by ClimateCARE Central Air Conditioner All-inclusive Rental Alternative

Why did we create the Clarity by ClimateCARE central air conditioner rental alternative program?

For years we have watched our neighbours, friends and family getting ripped off with rental air conditioner contracts (many from pushy door to door salespeople who lied to get in the door) that have rental fees that go up every year (sometimes 2 and 3 times in just one year alone) that are nearly impossible to get out of, that have insane buyout prices (if you can even get out of them) and often leaves the homeowner feeling trapped and angry.

I feel for you – I was in the same boat when I got my first house decades ago before I joined the Francis team.

The sad reality is not everyone has the financial resources to buy new equipment like a central air conditioner when it actually breaks down – rentals used to be the only option for so many homeowners.

But that wasn’t the worst of it…

New Home Buyers Beware!

If you are considering buying a new house in Ottawa don’t be surprised if that new house comes with a rental central air conditioner and furnace (and a rental tankless too) – the house builders have discovered that these rental companies will pay them a kickback for letting them install their HVAC rental equipment including central air conditioners and more.

This means the house builder gets to charge the same price for a house that comes with central air conditioning and heating and water heating without having to actually spend money to buy or install the HVAC rental equipment (they get to pocket that extra money). You however get stuck with a rental air conditioner, a rental furnace and a rental hot water tank or rental tankless you never asked for and did not authorize. That monthly rental rate also goes up every single year making those monthly payments on top of your new mortgage more and more difficult to manage.

We understand your pain – we’ve been there too!

Clarity by ClimateCARE was designed to eliminate this problem, giving you ALL the benefits of HVAC rental without all the downsides of renting.

Here is how it works:

For one low monthly rate you get:

  • A brand new Central Air Conditioner manufactured specifically for us (ClimateCare CC7B Central Air Conditioner) to meet our very high demand for exceptional workmanship and quality that lasts (it has to last or we wouldn’t be able to offer the warranties we include)
  • Installations are performed by our licensed and certified HVAC installers to meet all mandatory building codes in addition to manufacturers specifications
  • 12 Year Parts Warranty – no paying for parts (its all included for 12 years)
  • 12 Year Labour Warranty – no paying for labour (its all included for 12 years)
  • Annual Maintenance (its all included) so you know your family is safe and the equipment is operating properly every single year
  • Higher Efficiency Equipment (our newer more efficient central air conditioner uses less electricity so will save you money on your hydro bill)
  • Quieter Equipment (sleep more peacefully)
  • Local Service 24/7 whenever you need it (no 1-800 number or out of country operators)
  • No annual price increases (the price does not go up annually)
  • 100% Transferable (selling your home isn’t a problem and the Warranty & Annual Maintenance stays with the new home owner increasing its value)
  • Penalty Free buyout – whenever you want!
  • From an Ottawa company who’s been in business since 1933 serving our local community
  • ALL for one small monthly payment
    • BONUS 1: Payments that comes to an end at year 12 with NO more payments after that
    • BONUS 2: you OWN the equipment
    • BONUS 3: If you buy before May 31st we will reimburse you for your first 3 months of payments – so you get the first 3 months FREE!

We are proud to announce our:

ClimateCARE by Clarity CC7B Central Air Conditioner





Starting as low as 68.95 per month*

That’s less than most cable TV packages – and being cool can be very entertaining (just ask anyone who tried to watch TV indoors without air conditioning during one of our many Canadian summer heat waves)



  • Tested & Proven: This new central air conditioner incorporates over 215,000 hours of research including accelerated field trials for over 5 years under extreme weather testing to ensure reliable performance that lasts – in fact we guaranty it for 12 year – its designed to be used IN CANADA!
  • Rebates and Energy Efficient: The CC7B central air conditioner can reach up to 18 SEER efficiency when combined with the right furnace (which may ALSO qualify for government rebates) – YOU GET THE REBATE MONEY$$ (if applicable) even though you are only paying monthly for the Clarity program.
  • Energy Savings: This unit will save energy when compared to older outdated air conditioners – saving energy means SAVING YOU MONEY every month it runs
  • Quiet Cool Comfort: The minimal vibration of this new direct drive fan and top panel design, as well as the durable and reliable compressor technology design makes this a quieter air conditioner than many (only 70Db) – and if you want to add an additional sound cover you can get it as low as 68Db! That’s quieter than the average dishwasher running.
  • The Paint Job Matters: We wanted to make sure that your central air conditioner lasts outside in all conditions so it has the same durable “automotive” quality finish powder coating to keep it looking great for years
  • Durable Steel Coil Guards: We want to protect your cooling investment so we used high grade durable steel coil guards to provide maxing damage protection for your condenser coil.
  • MicroChannel Design: OK so the technical stuff isn’t sexy – but it is nice to know that the all aluminum coil design gives you a superior performance and the added benefits of microchannel technology;
    • smaller size and weight (takes up less space)
    • reduced refrigerant charge (less refrigerant is best for your family and the environment)
    • improved heat transfer properties (meaning it is more efficient and saves you money over your previous air conditioner)
    • improved durability and serviceability (yep – we made it easier for our technicians to service it, we respect your time as much as ours)
    • improved corrosion protection (the longer it last means not having to replace it anytime soon – in fact we guaranty it for at least 12 years!)
  • Peace of Mind: Did we mention you are covered for 12 years including maintenance that others charge extra for plus all parts and labour for 12 years!
Don’t wait for the weather to get hot!


Get your new central air conditioner now and we will pay for your first 3 months to help you switch
(plus you get any rebate money applicable).


Call Today for your FREE in home consultation

to see if Clarity by ClimateCARE is a good fit for your family.


Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare is a proud supporter of Consumer Protection Ontario!


*Stand alone central air conditioner monthly rate $78.95 plus tax (discount applied if purchased with our Clarity by ClimateCARE furnace at $68.95 plus tax per unit).


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