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LOCKDOWN NOTICE UPDATE Dec. 22, 2021 – YES WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Here is the latest news about our services during this current lockdown (we anticipate more lockdowns coming with the latest version of the covid virus but as an essential service provider we will remain open). ESSENTIAL: Essential Services will continue to […]

NOTICE Furnace Shortages

NOTICE Furnace and AC Shortages Fall 2020 And we thought the toilet paper shortage was bad… In case you haven’t already heard one of the side effects of this pandemic is the manufacturers were shut down (many for over 2 months) this has created a serious shortage of essential equipment. Although we have been doing […]

Air Conditioning for medical tax write off

AC – Air Conditioning for medical tax write off: Did you know that your Air Conditioner and air purifier may qualify for tax refunds as a medical expense? It’s true! If you suffer with asthma, allergies, or any other health issue that would benefit from cleaner air or more controlled temperature settings you can claim […]

How To Minimize Exposure When You Need Home Services

How to Minimize Exposure When You Need Home Services. This article has been written to help Ottawa homeowners minimize exposure when they have to hire a professional to provide home services during a pandemic. Home services include services and installations for: plumbing heating air conditioning water heater or tankless duct cleaning maid services electrician appliance […]

Air Quality IAQ Prevents Covid-19

The truth about Air Quality (IAQ) and the Prevention of Covid-19 There is so much misinformation online regarding indoor air quality (IAQ).  Especially for air conditioners and furnaces (HVAC systems) and the spread of viruses like Covid-19. IAQ products claiming they will kill 99% of the viruses in your heating/cooling HVAC system… is it true? […]

Safe Estimating Procedure for plumbing & HVAC

SAFE ESTIMATING PROCEDURE (including no or minimal contact and safe distancing) We are continually asked if we are providing quotes during this covid-19 Corona virus pandemic – the answer is YES – but very carefully with minimal (or no) contact. Plumbing and HVAC services and installations are considered essential services according to the government of […]

Coronavirus Safety Policy – feel free to share

Latest update regarding our Company and the Coronavirus:   As of today – we are still open for business.  Here is what we currently have in place: Our Mandatory Safety policy went into effect March 12, 2020 (see below for your free copy) We also included our mandatory information package which was released March 12, […]

Climate Strike – We care about the Climate

Climate Strike – We care about the climate!   Update: Today (Friday Sept. 27, 2019) is the day where protesters across Canada and the world are speaking out about climate change. This is the second climate strike this month as more and more people get involved to force governments to make changes to reduce the […]

Free plumbing and heating quotes by email

Did you know that 90% of free plumbing and heating quotes received by email from contractors are NOT what you will actually be billed? Everyday we get tons of emails requesting free plumbing and heating quotes by email.  Although we try our best to answer these emails with as much information as possible, without a […]

Shocking Price Increase for Water Heaters, Tankless, Furnaces & AC Expected Soon

SHOCKING PRICE INCREASES FOR WATER HEATERS, TANKLESS, FURNACES AND AIR CONDITIONERS (AC) EXPECTED SOON! I just heard through the grapevine that there are shocking price increases heading our way to Ottawa for water heaters, furnaces, AC and tankless units. With news of double-digit price increases for raw steel we are going to see those prices […]