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How to Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes The winter chill is biting harder than ever, with temperatures set to plummet below -10℃ this next week. As the cold intensifies, so do the potential problems for your home including frozen pipes. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of valuable tips to help you navigate these chilly […]

Why you should install a backwater valve in Ottawa

Why you should install a backwater valve in Ottawa In Ottawa, we’re lucky to have so much access to water and green space! There’s nothing better than kayaking down the Rideau River, biking the path beside the Rideau Canal or taking a boat tour down the Ottawa River. Unfortunately, this proximity to water also brings […]

Sump Pump System minimize flooding risks

Sump Pump Systems that eliminate stress by minimizing flooding risks   Sump pumps take the water from your basement and pump it outside away from your house.  When we get severe flooding (fast snow melt, heavy rains, or a combination of both like this spring with our highest water levels in over a decade) having […]


Flooding is anticipated this weekend as we are going to reach record highs of plus 10 – that means all that snow is going to melt really fast flooding basements in the process. If you have a sump pump – today is a great day to test it before it becomes a critical problem. A […]

Rain, Leaks, Tornadoes, and Sump Pumps

After being hit with a tornado on Friday many homes and businesses (like our office) had some structural damages and leaks – the worst of it was obvious but you could have additional issues not yet discovered. During the heavy rain today here is what you need watch for: Check the ceiling in the top […]