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Boiler IBC – Triangle Tube

IBC boilers (previously known as Triangle Tube boilers) has just the right mix of the best of all features according to our hydronics experts and is what our company owner has installed in his own home.  IBC boilers are also Canadian made and we will always support well made Canadian products over imports whenever possible.

Francis Plumbing and Heating has been installing and servicing residential boilers for 90 years and take pride in offering the best units available on the market to serve our local community. When it comes to boilers they can vary drastically in features and benefits and a poorly installed unit will never operate as designed – therefore our technicians receive ongoing specialized training in hydronics (something they don’t teach in plumbing or HVAC classes).

Our boiler specialists know the products, know what these products are capable of doing and can provide the best in installations and renovations to make your home not only comfortable in the winter but to minimize operating costs by maintaining efficiencies while prolonging the life and functionality of your equipment.

We know what matters to you – because it matters to us too!

IBC boiler energy saving technology

IBC boiler Francis installation

IBC boilers come in a variety of sizes and are available in both the standard home heating only version and the more complicated combi-boiler version (combi means combination of domestic hot water and your home heating needs so you do not need a water heater tank).

Our best selling IBC boilers:IBC boiler photo of model SL 30-199 G3

  • IBC SL Series SL 10-85 G3
  • IBC SL Series SL 14-115 G3
  • IBC SL Series SL 28-160 G3
  • IBC SL Series SL 35-199 G3
  • IBC SL Series SL 45-260 G3
  • IBC SL Series SL 80-399 G3
  • IBC HC Series HC 20-125






  • These are not the only models we sell – just our best sellers.  If you are interested in a different model – let us know and we can get a price for you.
  • IBC HC 15-96 & HC 33-160 are now obsolete models no longer being offered but we still service these units and provide for their regular maintenances and warranty support.

We would be happy to provide you with a free quote which includes a consultation with one of our licensed hydronics experts who can address any questions you may have and can provide a variety of options that would best fit your specific heating needs.  We don’t just install equipment – we work with you to make sure what you are buying will make your home comfortable reliably for many years to come.


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