Central Air Conditioners – Know before you buy:

  • Compare air conditioner brands, models, and efficiencies
  • Learn how much you can actually save on your hydro bill
  • Discover what makes air conditioners different
  • Learn how to find a good deal on air conditioners
  • Learn how to recognize the bad air conditioners to eliminate buyers remorse
  • PLUS know what questions to ask to make the buying decision easier when comparing air conditioners it’s all there – plus more…

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This central air conditioning comparison guide was created specifically for Ottawa Ontario Homeowners. It also includes the supplemental “AC SEER Money Savings Calculator Documentation” that will also be sent to you so that you can compare efficiencies vs payback on your investment.

99.9% of Ottawa homeowners were shocked to learn how much the savings really are!

At Francis Plumbing and Heating Climate Care we put our neighbours first by providing them with all the information they need to make informed buying decisions – regardless of which company they buy from! Our focus is always on serving YOU – our friends, family and neighbours.

Serving YOU is all we do!


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