AC not working?

Before calling for repairs for your central air conditioner here are a few things you can check yourself (this check list could save you hundreds in unnecessary service calls).

Click here for your Fully Illustrated Colour AC Repair Guide in a downloadable pdf document


  1. Start with the thermostat. Set the thermostat to cool – set temperature to at least 4° LOWER than current temperature
  2. On the thermostat turn the fan ON for testing
  3. Are the thermostat batteries still good? Is it flashing LB for low battery? Is the screen completely blank? When in doubt change the batteries (note – some don’t have batteries)
  4. Check the breaker – turn it completely off then completely back on (if it was tripped it would be halfway between on and off).
  5. Has the furnace switch been accidentally turned off (this may be located on the furnace or on the wall near the furnace or by the staircase) it must be ON for the air conditioning to work.
  6. Check the air filter (air can’t flow through a dirty filter). When putting in a new filter be sure that the air flow arrow on the side of the filter is pointing towards the furnace.
  7. Check return air (usually a grill on the wall) – hold a tissue in front of your air return – if the tissue gets sucked up against it you know you know the cold air return is working.
  8. Check register air (vents on the floor or ceiling) – place your hand above the floor or wall air vent to see if you can feel cold air blowing (or any air blowing)
  9. Is the piping going to your air conditioner inside icing over? Is there water on the floor and or around your furnace?


  1. Has the air conditioning cover been removed?
  2. Is the unit clear of any potential air restrictions (weeds, plants, debris, build up, etc.)
  3. Is the unit or the pipe from the unit frozen?
  4. Is the fan running (you can actually see if the fan paddles are spinning in the top of the outdoor unit)
  5. Is the condenser running – the condenser makes a humming noise when running (the fan makes a whooshing noise), it may be difficult to differentiate this sound from the fan for some units.
  6. Is the electrical wiring in good condition? If you see exposed wires or black burn marks around them there is a problem.
  7. Is the insulation on the pipe still in good condition? If it has fallen off or the pipe is exposed it will reduce the unit’s ability to cool your home, lower the unit’s efficiency and increase your cooling bill.
  8. Don’t forget to get the make and model of your unit (and age if you can find it). Easy tip: Take a photo of the label with your smart phone, you can zoom in and see the numbers easier this way.

Click here for your Fully Illustrated Colour AC Repair Guide in a downloadable pdf document

If you are unable to get your unit operating again then it is time to call in the experts.

At Francis Plumbing & Heating our licensed refrigeration technicians will provide you with a full diagnostics on your air conditioner – after the diagnostics is completed a written quote will be provided for the repairs. If you accept the quote the parts will be ordered and the repairs made as quickly as possible.

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AC Repair or AC Replace Quotes:

If the repair prices exceed the value of the existing air conditioner (meaning the unit is too old to warrant repairs if the parts are too costly) we will schedule an estimator to come out and provide you with a free quote to replace the unit (this way you have both prices so can make an informed decision to repair or replaced based on what works best for you).

Air Quality Making You Sick?

Also note – there are more options available today than ever before for air quality improvements.

If anyone in your home suffers with:

  • asthma
  • allergies
  • respiratory illness
  • itchy skin
  • sore throat
  • rashes
  • unable to sleep soundly
  • frequently having to dust
  • unusually large amounts of pet hair in the home

These issues can be made worse by the quality of the air in your home.

If you would like to learn more just give us a call and we will schedule a technician to meet with you to see what you currently have in place and what options are available that could potentially reduce symptoms or ongoing issues.


When it comes to the air in your home and the health of your family we are on your side. Our company mission is to serve our community to the best of our ability – meaning we actually care about the people in our neighbourhood.

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